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Living With Guns

By promoting safe storage and open dialogue, we can protect those we care about and foster a culture of personal responsibility.


It’s enough for just the gun owner to know the basics of gun safety.

Involving your family in gun safety discussions creates a shared understanding and ensures everyone knows how to respond in case of an emergency. Talk, teach, and preach gun safety within your household.


Store guns unloaded and locked away, with ammunition stored separately.


Children are too young to understand gun safety rules.


My child is pretty curious. Is there a gun or anything else dangerous he might get into? How do you secure your guns?


Our doctor recommended that I check to make sure there are no guns where my child plays. Do you have any guns he could find? How do you secure your guns?


Keeping guns hidden is enough to keep them away from children.

Children are curious! Simply hiding guns doesn’t guarantee their safety. (Who among us as kids didn’t disobey our parents on occasion?) Make sure no one can get to your gun without your permission.

Guns and Teens

Make sure teens understand the basics of gun safety. They should treat every gun like it’s loaded. And only use guns under the direct supervision of a trainer, parent, or other trusted adult.

Guns and Children

As soon as your kids are aware of guns, you should talk to them about gun safety. Let them know guns are dangerous, and if they see one, they should leave it alone and tell a trusted adult right away.

What to Know About Extreme Risk Protection Orders

Extreme Risk Protection Orders are used when a gun owner poses a significant risk of causing personal injury to themself or others by having access to a firearm. Maybe they have made credible threats to their own safety or to the safety of family members, coworkers, schoolmates, or others. In these moments, family members now have another way to help prevent violence and save lives.

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