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Owning a gun means accepting responsibility. Be ready.

Maybe you have a gun for hunting. Or maybe you carry one legally for self defense. Whatever your reason for owning a firearm, a commitment to secure storage is your personal responsibility.

Resources for gun owners

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Safe Gun Storage Options

Explore gun storage options and find one that fits your lifestyle. That way, you can create an environment where accidents are prevented, unauthorized access is minimized, and peace of mind prevails.

Let's Talk Guns Colorado - Safe gun ownership checklist

Gun Safety Checklist

Are you sure you’ve got your bases covered? A Gun Safety Checklist is a simple tool you and your loved ones can use to promote responsible gun ownership.

Fact or Myth?

In the world of guns, misinformation can cloud the conversation. Understand the facts, so you can have important conversations and create a safe place to live, both in your home and in your community.

Temporary Storage

Maybe you’re simply traveling or redoing your kitchen. Or maybe you or someone you love is struggling with thoughts of suicide. Either way, make a plan for safe temporary storage before it’s too late.

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Reporting Lost Guns

Losing a firearm or having it stolen is bad enough. But finding out that your lost or stolen gun was used in a subsequent crime is even worse. Reporting these incidents promptly gives law enforcement a head start (and may even help you recover your gun). It’s also the law.

Safe gun ownership checklist:

  • I have spoken to my child about what to do if they find an unsecured gun.
  • I keep a log book containing all my gun serial numbers.
  • I discuss gun storage and safety rules with my children.
  • I clean my gun regularly and check it for wear or malfunctions.
  • I’ve passed a firearm safety course with a certified instructor.
  • I store my guns unloaded and in a locked location like a gun cabinet, safe, or vault.
  • I store ammunition or loaded magazines in a locked location separately from my guns.
  • I always treat every gun like it’s loaded.
  • I review the locations of my guns and ammunition monthly to make sure everything is stored safely and accounted for.
  • I understand what ammunition works in each of my guns and keep calibers separated.
  • I have taken reasonable steps to make sure kids and other unauthorized users can’t find the keys or combination to my safe.
  • I use key or combination-code trigger locks to prevent the trigger from being pulled and the firearm from discharging.
  • I change the locks on my guns and/or safe(s) from time to time.
  • If my gun safe is battery-operated, I regularly check the battery power.

Safe Gun Storage Tips

If you own a gun, get training.

Don’t just punch paper at the range. Get professional training and instruction to enhance your firearm handling skills.